Oskar Arnorsson Therapist

and a puplic speaker in the healthcare and rehabilitation of chemically dependent persons and / or traumatized people.

Education - Work & past work experience

As a founder of a different Rehab program. Oskar Arnorsson has worked in the health care of many chemical abuse and addiction programs and been the educator and working with the training of treatment staff in Sweden for treatments centre over 25 years.

At the same time, he trained therapists to work as 12 steps therapists, assistants, treatment assistants and HVB staff in both youth and adult care in Sweden.

Oskar completed his education as an Alcohol and Drug Therapist in the 12 steps program at Von, a Scandinavian treatment centre in Reykjavik until 1988.

In parallel with that education and work, he trained as a Gestalt therapist, TA and KBT therapist/psychotherapist (CBT, partly in Reykjavik Iceland) and partly in Uppsala, Sweden.

Later he became fascinated in the ACT Program, but like other rehabilitation methods, it takes a long time to be accepted in the caretaking branch.

In the same year he started as a therapist at Velbasta detoxification and motivation home as well as relapse treatment in the Faroe Islands. After seven months of work, he moved with his whole family to Sweden.

Almost immediately after his arrival, he started working at Lindalen's Treatment centre and was a consultant to various treatment homes while working there.

In 1992 he started his first halfway house, Åvik Halfway House in Hudiksvall, under his own name, under the name Åviksvillan.

He continued with education, lectures and treatments and received surprisingly good results from his treatments.

Oskar was a part-time teacher at FUN, Fria Universitetet Norden for ten years and also jumped into the treatment work at Korpbergets Treatment centre when needed.

Oskar then became a therapist for FAS1 at Solgläntan for a few years until a very serious accident in his family put a stop to all work for a few years.

In addition to this, the Oskar Family Group started in Hudiksvall, this lasted for 3.5 years, the project was open to all relatives of addicts and it was completely free.

For the past six years, he has devoted almost exclusively to training and training of staff, as well as research into various methods of treatment work in Thailand, Iceland, the Netherlands and Spain.

From time to time he went with clients abroad for treatment in a treatment centres which he himself built and owns today.

He travelled with clients from companies in Scandinavia to Iceland, the Netherlands, Spain and Thailand.

Most of the clients have in common that they have received individual treatments in their home country, such as Denmark, Sweden and Iceland, when all other treatment attempts have been without any results.

He has been employed by international companies on alcohol and drug issues and has made health care plans for company staff in Iceland, Denmark and Sweden as well as for private individuals around Scandinavia.

The Swedish Public Procurement Act has never been accepted by Oskar because they conflict with the client's right to choose their own care themselves, as the law states.

Employees in companies in Iceland and Denmark sought Oskar because of his speed of solutions to problems that worked.

The Rehab Program is the continuation of his previous work in the development of healthcare methods and effective care & rehab programs.